Beauty Tips


Choosing the best color is challenging for many people because there are so many options!  Our stylists are trained to zero in on a client's needs by guiding them through specific questions that reveal the client's vision and best choice.  They understand the 3 dimensions of haircoloring:  light vs dark, warm vs cool, and contrast vs blended placement. Minimizing maintenance is always a consideration for our clients, as well as protecting the integrity of the hair.  We have introduced the gallery below as examples of "color stories" to help our clients better understand the terms.  We invite you to have a look, fantasize a bit, and learn some inside terminology.


There are so many things to consider when getting your haircut!  Do you need a wash-and-go cut or something that will be styled differently each day? Cut creates shape and style creates finish.  A consultation is indeed the most important part of a haircut, in order to identify those needs.  Our stylists will ask many questions about your hair history, and then identify what works for you.  They address haircuts in 3 ways:  Height (which is short to long), Width, and Density (which is how the layers are cut inside the perimeter).  Pictures are always a great way to start the communication with your stylist, so that both of you know what end result you are aiming for.  We've compiled a gallery of haircuts below to get you started.


Understanding that the haircut creates shape, while the style creates finish enables us to introduce many wonderful options.  Pairing the the right product with the correct techniques to  achieve the look you want is our passion.  The best way to keep your hair shiny and healthy is by using professional products purchased from a licensed stylist.  (Professional products that can be purchased at other outlets are not guaranteed by the manufacturer, and could be contaminated.)  Our knowledgeable staff can help you pick the right products that will both fit into your daily lifestyle, and keep your hair looking beautiful.

Color Consideration Gallery

Shades of Blonde

Blonde Woman
Woman with the Rose
blonde hair_croped
Blonde Model
Curly Blonde
Sleek Blonde
Beautiful Hair
Beautiful Blonde Model
Blonde Bangs
Blonde on Blue

 Shades of Brown  

Portrait of a Girl
Asian Model
Luscious Hair
brown hair flowing
Brown Haired Beauty
short brown hair
Blow Out
Luscious Curls
Smiling Girl

Shades of Red

Red Bob
Pretty Young Girl
Sexy Ginger
Gorgeous Redhead
Redhead Model Close-Up
Bright Red Lipstick
Serious Redhead
Lucious Red Hair